Self-Portrait Photography Tips

man with cigarSelf-portrait photography is tough for many reasons. For one, you cannot see how you look until you check the shot. Setup can also be very time consuming because you have to run back and forth when setting the timers. Focus is also difficult because you cannot see where the focus rests. But self-portrait photography can be very fun. Here are some tried and tested ideas to help you get that perfect self-portrait shot.

What equipment to use

Use a DSLR because it has creative control, superior sensors, and so many accessories. Use a tripod. It is important because it gives a sturdy yet flexible mount for your camera. Almost all tripods will do. Pick up a wireless remote. Some wireless remotes sell for as low as $ 20. They can save time and make it easier for you to fine tune your self-portrait without looking haggard by photo number 30.

How to come up with ideas

Coming up with brilliant ideas is one of the most difficult parts in self-portrait photography. Even the more experienced photographers struggle here. So, where should you get your ideas? Well, do not look too far. Think about what you own and how you could use them in a photo. Think about interesting props as well as your prominent features. Are you bald? Do you have a huge mole on your cheek? Do you have an extremely long hair? Work on these features to your advantage.

Long or wide lens

The subject and the backdrop make a photo. No one is more important than the other; they are similarly important. This is where lens choice comes into the picture. Use a long lens if you want to send the background out of focus. Use a wide lens if you want to keep the background in focus. Use it if you want the background to be a major part of your self-portrait photo.

Portray convincing emotion

If you want your self-portrait photos to look lively, then act lively, by all means. If you want to come up with a boring photo, then act bored. The body gestures and facial expressions you make contribute in setting the tone. Go over the top. There is no room for inhibition here. Go crazy. Show more emotion to increase your chances of getting better photos.

Dress the part

Complete the act by dressing the part. Do not wear plain gown if you are channeling Queen Elizabeth. If you want to portray a 1930’s gangster, then dress like one.

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